Hair loss is some of our worst nightmares and a big worry, especially as we are getting older. But did you know that age is not always the factor to hair loss? One can start losing their hair in their 30s. Here are 5 reasons as to why you could be losing your hair.

1. Stress

In a recent survey of 1,000 Singaporean participants, it was noted that Singaporeans worked long hours and were suffering from a “burnout culture”. 40% were overwhelmed by excessive admin works, 44% troubled by office politics and 40% feeling exhausted from long unproductive meetings.

As Singaporeans, stress is no stranger to us, even from a young age when exams loomed over us. It’s bad news for the hair on our head, as Telogen effluvium is a type of hair loss caused by significant stress. The frustration we feel in our lives causes our hair follicles to enter a resting phase, and fall out, adding to our worries!

The solution is? Relax. Meditate. Learn to say “no”, and remember to take time off to take care of yourself. A weekend retreat is the needed remedy here.





2. Lack of nutrients

The internal balance in our bodies is important for our health and hair growth. A deficiency in nutrients will impact the structure of our hair and how it grows.  Telogen effluvium is not only brought about by stress but is known to come after sudden weight loss of a drop in protein intake.

Biotin, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and Zinc and Iron are essential to keeping healthy and longer hair.

One way to replenish the health points of your hair is to go for hair care treatments. Yun Nam hair-care uses natural, botanical solutions to aid your body in growing back hair. Just like how your mom would make herbal chicken soup to fight against a cold and aid those heroic antibodies, Yun Nam uses Chinese herbs like Dang Gui, Ginseng, He Shou Wu and Hong Huay to promote hair growth.





3. Bad Sleeping habits

Sleep is what our body needs to rest and repair, but not getting enough sleep is a more common problem than we think. 1 in 4 people suffer from lack of sufficient sleep, and perhaps this links to how 80% of men and 50% of women experience hair loss.

Our body’s immunity and hormonal balance are closely associated to our sleep patterns, and the hairs on our head are very sensitive to these internal changes in our body. With 27% of Singaporeans surveyed stating that they work a whopping 51-60hours a week, it is no wonder that we’re losing hair!

Not only that, but not giving enough time for hair hygiene can lead to hair loss as well. Sleeping with wet hair causes the hydrogen bonds of our hair to become wet. More seriously Tinea Capitis (hair ringworm) is a fungal infection that can occur when sleeping with wet hair often, and cause bald patches.



4. Not enough water

With our hectic lifestyle, sometimes the simple but essential things get pushed aside. Water makes up 25% of our hair, and without it, our hair grows weak. The detox effect of water is also a great way to get rid of all those nasty toxins in our bodies that can lead to our hair falling out.

Researchers conclude that drinking the recommended amount of 2 liters of water per day to prevent and fight against scalp issues such as hair thinning and dandruff.

Considering the weather in Singapore, we are more likely to get dehydrated, so remind yourself to pick up that glass of water!


5. Genetics and hormones

it’s hard to admit, but some things are just out of our control. Men are more likely to lose hair than women and this is due to testosterone being converted to dihydrotestosterone, which makes hair shorter and thinner. It is the main cause of Androgenetic alopecia, natural hair loss that causes male-pattern baldness. Genetics plays a part too, as the amount of enzyme that breaks down testosterone is hereditary.

The good news? Asian men are said to have less of this enzyme, making them less prone to natural hair loss. Also, scientists believe that if we keep ourselves nourished and well-rested to prevent hormonal imbalanced, we can still keep our hair.