Getting into shape is tough when you are not motivated, and it is easy for anyone to stop exercising and get “out of shape” quickly. Most people join a gym to get the motivation to work out in a large and beautiful environment, but is that the most conducive? How about a personalised studio when you can focus on what you want to achieve?

Let’s find out the differences.


Studio Gyms are mainstream, commercialised centres where you get to use machines and weights for your workouts. The usual machines such as the treadmill, dead weights, and the strider are available for you to work up a sweat quickly. These gyms also host small classes such as Zumba, Hatha Yoga, Kickboxing and ABT on a regular basis, typically on a fixed schedule. Gym-goers sign up for these classes before they start and join the class without having to register way in advance. It is perfect for those who run a tight schedule.

Gyms are also typically big and spacious. Some of the upscale gyms have integrated entertainment systems such as a TV or an iPod station. Others have a cosy Member’s corner where you can grab drinks and biscuits to relax after your workout. Some even have dedicated working stations when members can bring their laptops and work there before heading for a satisfying workout.

Some of the major gyms in Singapore include Fitness First, Anytime Fitness and Amore Fitness.


Studios are small boutique gyms where the focus is often on specific workouts or skills. The workouts or classes are targeted at specific areas of the body and aim to help you build skills and muscles in that arena. There are many boutique studios in Singapore that target at different forms of exercise. The primary element for studios is fun. The workouts and classes may be tough or challenging, but the element of fun is always there, making studios a popular choice for many. Martial arts, interval training, yoga, Pilates and cycling, are all part of the studio movement.

There are also studios built for women. These studios are slightly different from boutique studios as they function almost like a regular gym, but on a much smaller scale. Such ladies’ studios may offer classes for pre-and post-natal, as well as workouts that target stubborn areas on a woman’s body. The appeal of such gyms is the gender of the members. All of them are female, and that means there are no pesky men stealing glances at you while you work out.

Below is a list of a few popular studios with their core offerings.

1) Pilates and specialised fitness programmes – Upside Motions

Packages include a one-month class pass which allows you to book and attend regular classes, a signature pass which grants you access to their signature classes or an ultimate all-access pass for all classes. There is also a group class package with different fitness programmes for you to choose from. Find out more here.

Locations: City Hall Branch – 36 Armenian Street #02-03 Singapore 179934

Orchard Branch – 321 Orchard Road #04-05 Orchard Shopping Centre Singapore 238866

Shenton Branch – 6A Shenton Way B1-01/02 OUE Downtown Singapore 068815


2) Cycling/Spinning Studio – Sync Cycle

You can sign up for a One Month Unlimited Trial which allows you to try out as many classes as you like within the month. Otherwise, pick a bundle package or choose to pay for a single class to try it out. You need to sign up for an account to find out the cost though. Find out more here.

Location: 92 Yio Chu Kang Road Singapore 545572


3) Yoga Studio – YOGA Movement

There are various packages available at YOGA Movement. Choose from a single class to a ten classes pack if you are unsure. If you love yoga, go for the 20 or 30 classes pack to get more savings out of your package! Once you sign up, you can go to any of their six studios across the island.

Locations: Various convenient locations. Click here to get the full list.


The question is – which one should you sign up for?

If you are a regular Joe who is looking to do a variety of workouts that include running, weight lifts and some fun classes like kickboxing, look no future than a mainstream gym. The gyms in Singapore offer all that and usually, you get state-of-the-art equipment to work with. The variety at these gyms also gives you a choice of what to do on different days, giving you extra motivation.

However, if you are an adrenaline junkie, or simply lack the motivation to move your body, joining a studio may be a better choice. For adrenaline junkies, you know what you love, and you are motivated towards the specific form of workout. Therefore, joining a studio offering the workout (e.g. Martial Arts) allows you to know like-minded people who enjoy similar things. Your workouts become more fun and can be a social event too. For the lacklustre, joining a studio offering an exercise that you enjoy doing, (e.g. Cycling) motivates you to attend the classes. The element of fun in these classes makes working out less boring and helps you to keep going.