If you think that you are a noob at makeup, and feel frustrated that you cannot get a good grip out of how to do a killer makeup, don’t fret. With so many bloggers and YouTubers out there who are willing to teach you how to do a high-impact makeup for FREE, you can watch them every day to understand the different techniques and how to make your makeup as good as theirs! Find out who we are following with our list of makeup bloggers and YouTubers that you should follow to learn fantastic techniques in makeup.

1. Pony Makeup

Pony is South Korea’s most famous beauty guru. She has garnered a total of 3,702,838 followers on YouTube with just 77 videos. Her Korean makeup style is a favourite among many viewers all over the globe, and that is possibly the reason why she is so famous. With so many Korean makeup brands in Singapore, it is easy for us to use the tips and techniques from Pony to make maximum impact with our cosmetics from Korea! In fact, she even has her own makeup brand called Pony, which she partnered with Memebox, a subscription-based company that focuses on Korean beauty products and cosmetics. Pony is also an author, creating amazing books about makeups. However, they are in Korean, so check them out before purchasing.

2. Kathleen Lights

Kathleen Lights is a famous young YouTuber who has garnered 3,676,482 followers on YouTube and have posted so many videos that one’s eyes just watered looking at them. She also has a website where she writes reviews and tutorials. What’s interesting about Kathleen is the fact that she does more than just makeup alone. She can teach you how to tie a fishtail braid and wear the hairstyle with some of her makeup styles. What we like about Kathleen is her easy to follow makeup tutorials and her natural transformation from a “girl-next-door” makeup to a full-blown “party-till-you-drop” makeup. She also does reviews of different cosmetics which is a great help to any wannabe makeup queen.

3. Zoella

Zoella is a blogger and YouTuber who has not only her own website, two YouTube channels “Zoella” and “MoreZoella”, but also a debut novel “Girl Online” and a beauty line “Zoella Beauty”. Zoella has 12,095,373 followers on her YouTube channel “Zoella”, and 4,885,275 followers on her second channel “MoreZoella”. She works on makeup, fashion and lifestyle, so if you enjoy all of those, following her is the thing to do. Her makeup videos mostly are reviews, but some tutorials feature nude makeups, which are great for Singaporeans!

4. Tanya Burr

Tanya is a UK YouTuber, actress and author. She is well-known for her beauty and fashion YouTube channel as well as her blog. She has 3,688,115 followers on her YouTube channel alone, and many more following her blog. Tanya blogs a lot about her own cosmetics range called “Tanya Burr Cosmetics” but her YouTube channels features many makeup tutorials that range from a Spring-fresh look to a nude-Winter look. What’s fascinating about Tanya is her blog where she talks about beauty, lifestyle, food, travels, books and even interior designs. If you enjoy a blogger who shares her life as well as her makeup tips, Tanya is a perfect match for you.

5. Mongabong

Mongabong is a Singaporean blogger who has tricked almost everyone she knows that she is Mongolian and belongs to the “Mong Tribe”. Cheeky as she is, Mongabong is an undergraduate at SMU pursuing her accounting degree. She is a blogger who started out with fashion, beauty, food and her personal love life. She later moves on to videos and tutorials with her daily makeup routines which became a hit! Mongabong has 43,303 followers on YouTube and is obviously quite smitten with Korean makeup. She also does quite a lot of reviews of cosmetics products ranging from the cheap range in Daiso to expensive Korean brands. If supporting local is your style, Mongabong is your choice, especially when her makeup style is handy in Singapore.