If you hear comments such as “You’ve only got one face, two eyes and one lip. Why do you need sixty lipsticks, seven eye palettes, five foundations, six blushers, etc…” from both your boyfriends and girlfriends, don’t panic! You are not alone! In fact, many of us “suffer” from the same problem.

Here is a list of items that girls tend to possess more than one:

1. Blusher


There is a lot of grave considerations for the simple blusher. A tint of pink for a day at work and the orangey tint for a day out over the weekend are not the only consideration when a girl looks at blushers. There are a lot more shades in between the two colours for different occasions or even time of the day!

2. Foundation and Base


When it comes to foundation and base, there is a whole mountain of literature review behind them. The base is vital for an even application of makeup, so it is crucial that you use different kinds for different occasions. BB cream and CC Cushion (Colour Control Cushion) are popular bases which girls love to use as a light and basic foundation for their makeup routines as they address colouring issues (CC cream) and provide skin care benefits (BB Cream). Besides these, there is also the liquid foundation which is thicker in general and is used more for heavy makeup. Then there is the pressed powder and the foundation cake which are often used as a “quick touch-up” during the day.

3. Eyeshadow


A girl can never have too many eyeshadow palettes because there are so many shades for the eyes. From mattes to shimmers to metallic and glitters, each of these money-grubbing eye palettes is needed for a beautiful pair of alluring eyes. Most of the time, we blend colours from different palettes to achieve the desired effect that we want so owning many different palettes help to create maximum impact for a pair of alluring eyes.

4. Lipsticks


Lipsticks are vital to good makeup. The lip colors can make or break the effects of the makeup, so having different shades and hues of lipsticks help a girl to create the looks that she wants. Besides the colors, the benefits of the lipsticks matter too. Some lipsticks are watery to produce the effects of kissable lips, while others give a hydrated and smooth look to maintain a power-girl image for the office. The different shades fit different occasions and even time of the day, so having twenty lipsticks should be reasonable. There are also long-lasting lipsticks that do not smudge, which, in our opinions, are worth investing in because they create such a good impression on others. It is not polite to leave your lipstick marks on a mug when you drink coffee, and it does not look good on you when your lip color look faded after a meal.

5. Eyeliner


Finally, there is the legendary eyeliner. There are so many types of eyeliners in the market that it is quite impossible to own them all. Eyeliners are perfect companions to eye shadows as they enhance the look of the eye shadow and increase the attractiveness of a pair of alluring eyes. There are different types of eyeliners such as crayon, liquid, gel, pencil…the list goes on. Crayon eyeliners are perfect for a bold look, while the liquid and gel liners are perfect for delicate applications. Pencil eyeliners are great for tiny details or a quick touching up during the day. Of course, there are also considerations for the different use of these eyeliners. For example, liquid eyeliners should not be used for the waterline!

A girl can never have too many cosmetics, so don’t fret, and remember to show your boyfriends and girlfriends this article the next time they ask you why you need a new eye shadow palette or a new gel liner.