Blackheads are annoying little zits on the face that stay for life if you do not do anything about it. To remove blackheads and to prevent them in future, you need first to understand what blackheads are.

A blackhead is a wax plug in a pore. It is made up of dead skin cells, debris and bacteria. Why they come about is due to a blockage in the pore that prevents the gland from secreting and shedding the oil, dead skin cells, etc. Hence, the wax plug stays where it is until it gets pushed to the skin’s surface. When it comes into contact with air, it oxidizes and turns black. That is what a blackhead is and how it forms.

Blackheads can appear anywhere on your face and body, but it usually surfaces at places where your face is the oiliest. Therefore, most people get blackheads on the forehead, the nose and the chin.

What are some of the ways to remove blackheads? Here’s a list to help you.

1. Kose Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask

Users of this mask will complain that it is difficult to remove, but once they remove it and see how bright the skin becomes, they will gladly use it again. It is one of the most effective blackheads remover mask in the market and can be used either as a facial mask or as a pore strip on specific areas of the face.

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2. CAOLION Premium Blackhead Steam Pore Pack

This pore pack is unique as it makes use of steaming effect to remove blackheads and dead skin cells. It contains steam-activated charcoal powder to unclog your pores and get rid of excess oils, grain powder to exfoliate, mineral-rich volcanic ash to sooth the skin and naturally sparkling water for extra moisture. You can get smoother skin after using the mask!

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Price: $35

3. LipHop Bye Bye Pore-Cleanse Blackhead Zero Soft Clay Mask

While the name of this soft clay mask sounds exotic, its functions to remove blackhead is effective. It uses anti-bacterial tea tree leaf water and mineral-rich volcanic ash powder from Jeju Island to get rid of blackheads and prevent acne.

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4. Manual Extraction

Manual extraction is painful and can lead to inflammation if you are not an expert in doing it. However, if you are keen to try it, remember to make use of a home facial kit to open the pores as much as you can through steaming before going ahead to do the extraction. Use clean, sterilised equipment to prevent infection too.

5. Facials

The best way to handle blackheads is to go to the professionals. While you can achieve some results from using pore peeler types of products which we have mentioned above, you should not skip going to facials for the best possible results. Trained beauticians can remove blackheads efficiently through products and manual extraction, and they know how to keep your skin clean and smooth for a long time after. That said, you should look out for certified professionals instead of going to dubious ones, even if they are not as cheap as you would like them to be.

How to Prevent Blackheads

All the ways of removing blackheads are great to know, but ways to prevent blackheads are even better. After all, prevention is better than cure! Here are five simple ways to prevent blackheads from forming.

Cleanse your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser

  1. Remove makeup completely once you reach home to prevent them from clogging your pores.
  2. Keep to your skin care routine and do not skip it even when you are tired
  3. Exfoliate your skin once a week to remove dead skin cells.
  4. Use an oil blotter to absorb excess oil on the face throughout the day to keep your face as clean as possible.


While these may not be the only tips for a blemish-free face, they are the basic and essential steps to a smoother, youthful face!