Getting your hair dyed at a salon can cost at least SGD$200 for a typical brown tint. Therefore, DIY options are appealing to some of us. It is a viable choice if you know what you want, and what results you are after. As long as you are not going after the unicorn hair or the galaxy hues that we have shared previously, the DIY home colour kits are good alternatives.

There are various options within the DIY home color kits in the market. With bubble hair dye, traditional hair dyes, natural dyes and temporary hair dyes, there will be something for everyone who is looking to color their hair. Let’s check out some of these products.

Bubble Hair Dye

1) Liese Bubble Hair Colour

Liese Bubble Hair Colour dispenses the hair colouring agent as a bubbly foam colourant, which you can spread easily onto your hair with gloved hands. There is no need for you to section your hair for an even dye, as the foam is easily massaged into the hair. When you are done with the foam, it holds up the hair well enough without hair clips or getting the room messy. It works very well for those who do not have someone else to help during the hair dye session. Liese also makes sure that there are always new, limited edition colours every year so that you will never run out of options.

Price: $19.90/box
Sold at: Guardian, Watsons, NTUC Fairprice stores and selected Venus stores

2) Cielo Cream Hair Colour

Cielo Cream Hair Colour works the same way as the Liese Bubble Hair Colour. The difference with Cielo is that they provide you with a brush that helps you comb the foam colourant into your hair without getting your hands messy. This completely fuss-free colourant is a great help when you are looking for a quick and easy way to colour your hair at home. Cielo, however, does not have the wide range of colours that Liese provides. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple hair dye, this is the best product for you.

Price: $17.90/box
Sold at: Guardian, Watsons, NTUC Fairprice stores and selected Venus stores


Traditional Hair Dye

3) Color Soin Hair Colour

When it comes to traditional hair dyes, there are plenty of choices. However, choosing a hair dye that does not contain ammonia is not so easy. The Color Soin Hair Colour is one of those paraben-and-silicone-free formulae which smells pleasant enough. Additionally, the hair dye does not harm the hair as much as the normal ones with all the harsh chemicals. The colour is natural and shiny, which is a good payoff.

Price: $24.90/box
Sold at: Guardian


4) Garnier Colour Naturals Hair Colour

Garnier Hair colour has a wide range of products that are also affordable. This Garnier Colour Naturals Hair Colour has enriched olive oil mixed with the hair dye. It conditions the hair while colouring, which makes your hair silky and smooth after colouring. No dryness or split ends!

Price: $9.90/box
Sold at: Guardian

5) Phyto PhytoColor Permanent Hair Colour with Botanical Pigments

Phyto is well-known for its natural ingredients, and its hair colourant is no exception. It is a safe product for sensitive scalps as there are no harsh chemicals such as ammonia added to it. The smell is also more pleasant and does not stink up the whole bathroom. Nonetheless, if you have a sensitive scalp, do take the patch test to be extra safe.

Price: $39.90/box
Sold at: Guardian, Watsons and Redmart

6) Henna


Did you know that henna is a natural dye for your hair? It is a natural pigment and produces a reddish tint on its own. It is often mixed with other natural ingredients to form different coloured dyes. For a DIY hair dye session, combine the henna powder with water and then apply it just like a traditional hair dye. Leave it in your hair until you can see a visible colour change before washing it away.

Price: Varies according to where you buy it from
Sold at: Selected NTUC FairPrice supermarkets or shops around Little India

7) Lemon Juice or Beetroot Juice

How to make delicious, fresh juice without a juicer

Did you know that lemon juice gives you a natural highlight? Paint some lemon juice on your hair and sit out in the sun. It will provide you with a natural highlight after some time! Just be careful not to get the lemon juice on your skin while you are out in the sun as it can cause chemical burns!

Beetroot juice gives a reddish tint to your hair. If that is what you want, juice up some beetroot and apply it liberally to your hair. Wrap your hair up for at least an hour before washing it off.

Price: Varies accordingly to where you buy it.
Sold at: Supermarkets, fruit stalls and wet markets.


Temporary Hair Dyes

8) L’Oreal Paris Colorista\

If you are planning to hit a party with some shocking hair colours and getting the colour washed off after that, the L’Oreal Paris Colorista is the best product that you can go for. It comes in a lot of fun colours such as pink, blue, silver and copper. You can either choose the spray application for a day of fun or the cream application for a one to two weeks effect. It is great for either and gives your hair a new look every time you head to a party!

Price: $15.90/can (spray) & $16.90/tube (cream)
Sold at: Guardian and Watson