Dry shampoo sounds like an oxymoron on its own. How can shampoo be dry? Well, you’ll be surprised to find out that many people, especially ladies, are turning to dry shampoos on days where washing their hair is impossible due to circumstances.

What exactly is dry shampoo? It is an oil-absorbing powder or spray, usually starch or talc-based. It absorbs excess dirt and grease from your hair without using water. As a matter-of-fact, you should not use water when using dry shampoo.

How do you use it? It is simple. Sprinkle the powder, or spray the ingredients onto your scalp (life up your long hair to reach the scalp) and massage it in for about one minute. After that, grab a brush or wide-toothed comb and brush your hair down from the roots to the end. Once you got rid of any residue on your hair, you are done! The result is a head of clean and fresh hair!

If you find dry shampoo appealing, wait till you hear about the benefits of dry shampoo!

1. It is multi-purpose


If you ask your stylists at your regular salon, they are likely to tell you that dry shampoo is perfect for styling as well as washing your hair. Dry shampoo is ideal for a natural hold on your hair to make it look clean, fresh and natural. Not many people can tell that your hair is styled if dry shampoo is used to “set” the hair in place. Additionally, dry shampoo is less harmful to your hair and scalp as compared to holding gel and aerosol sprays.

2. It creates volume


Dry shampoo has another use. It creates volume in your hair. If you need to attend functions regularly and need to style your hair, dry shampoo can replace the gels and aerosol sprays that you use to create volume in your hair. It is healthier and also helps to maintain the natural look of your hair.

3. It does not strip your hair of its natural oils


Did you know that our hair has natural oils to protect it? You do not want to strip off these natural oils as they are the reason why your hair is silky soft. However, washing it daily with regular shampoo and water strip off these natural oils, and makes conditioning harder when you want to retain your hair’s natural beauty. Therefore, dry shampoo is a solution to that. By keeping your hair clean with dry shampoo, you do not have to wash your hair every day and keeps the natural oils safe.

4. It keeps grease and dirt out of your hair and scalp


It is impossible to keep our hair grease-free for half a day in hot and sunny Singapore. How could we survive without washing our hair at least once a day? The solution is dry shampoo, of course! The dry shampoo takes away the grease and dirt from our hair and scalp, gives it a clean and fresh look, and nobody will guess that it is second-day hair at all!

5. It helps you to clean your hair on days where you can’t wash it with water


If you dyed your hair regularly, you will know that after dyeing and treatment, we shouldn’t wash our hair for the first two to three days. The first three days are horrible to pass because your hair becomes oily and sticky without washing. However, dry shampoo is an excellent alternative to regular shampoo, and it doesn’t use water! So, you can still clean your hair and look fresh and pretty with the new hair-do without suffering three days without washing your hair.